1930's Vintage Rare Photo Booth

Desc:  This is my latest project. Restoring an 1930’s photo booth, just like the one on the History Channel's American Restoration. Mine will be fully functional, non digital just like it was 80 years ago. This is for Anthony at A&A Studio’s in Chicago.


** Watch the video below to see American Restoration's restore **


Day 1: Original Condition

Day 1: Original Condition

Cabinet Sand Blasted

Dark Room Cabinet Sand Blasted

Entire Photo Booth Sand Blasted

Interior view Photo Booth Sand Blasted

Entire Photo Booth Sand Blasted

Fabricated missing side panel

Rear Door Straighting. Heat Shrinking

Specialty Finishes


Hot Rods and Hogs

Metal Finishing - Restoration Collision Work - Custom Paint



Tinley Park, Il


Phone: (preferred)